Services Offered

We are a wholesale grower of landscape plants with 38 acres currently producing around one thousand plant varieties. We take pride in constantly offering exciting new varieties of plants from around the world.

Our ever-expanding inventory includes plants native to South Florida and the Caribbean, as well as the classic landscape ornamental favorites. With such an extensive selection of plants ranging from the smallest of groundcovers, to vines, palms and large trees in one location, we make it easy and exciting to design, locate and purchase the material for your next job.

Our knowledgeable staff is capable of handling any size plant order. Some employees have been here for more than thirty years. You can have confidence that we will be able to answer just about any question you might have. We also encourage customers to take a golf cart and explore the nursery on their own, taking as much time as necessary to see it all. If you need help though, please just ask.

We have been shipping overseas regularly since the late 1970’s and are familiar with all of the necessary procedures to quickly get your order to you in the best condition.  Contact us to get information on how we can help you consolidate and ship your next order.

We also offer flexible delivery services throughout the southern half of Florida down to Key West. Delivery is free on full truck load orders, and smaller orders can be delivered on standby when we have a truck in your area. Call to ask about our delivery minimums.